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An aquatic landscape is ideal for multiple locations. It can be placed with great success in waiting areas, lobbies, offices, meeting rooms, recreational hubs, living and dining rooms, etc.
The idea behind each aquarium we design and bring to life is to replicate, as much as possible, a natural habitat. We believe that nature is perfection and there’s no better way for us to guide ourselves than by following it.

The CMS Aquatics team delivers a complete range of aquarium, terrarium and paludarium design services right here, in Romania.
We manage projects from A to Z, restoration projects, maintenance and consultancy. No project is too small, too big, too simple or too complex for us to deliver it. We take time and make sure that the end result is what you asked for.

Why an aquarium?

It’s a great way to attract attention; One of the projects we did included a custom made, rock like, 3D decor cut in the shape of the company’s name. This was a great idea as the clients are spending a lot of time looking at the way the fish interact with the rockscape while literraly gazing at the company brand. This innovative brand awareness tool helps businesses imprint their brand. Also, aquariums can have almost any shape and size.

It’s a great way to relax your customers or employees; Add a vivid aquarium to the recreational hubs and your employees will find themselves completely relaxed and detached while on their breaks. Add a calm, peaceful, planted aquarium to a waiting area and your guests will have no problem waiting for an extra five minutes.

It shows you care about your business; You may have a great lobby, superb paintings and lots of greenery but adding a live dynamic element shows to your clients what you’re willing to do in order to make them happy. It shows your partners you’re here to stay.

Why us?

We’re a young dynamic team, we’re direct importers of equipment, we’re experienced in all areas of the hobby, we have specialists or colaborators proficient in interior design, engineering and chemistry , we love what we do and, last, but not least, we understand communication is critical and we have great english skills so we will surely understand what you want and you will understand how we’re going to deliver it for you!

See a part of our portfolio here!


Contact us for more details even if you don’t know what you want. We’ll visit you, photograph the premises, see what your target is, and in the shortest time possible you will receive our solutions.

CMS Aquatics,
Aquarium designer in Romania delivering in Bucharest, Pitesti, Brasov, Constanta, Ploiesti, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara and other cities.

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